Bottle Stoppers

Bottle stoppers.  The perfect way to pause your “Me” time with a little Chardonnay, or Merlot.  Bottle stoppers are great for sealing up that Extra Virgin olive oil from Italy (or Wal-Mart).

Cork has been used for over 2,000 years to seal up an open bottle.  But cork has drawbacks.

First, it is an organic material that from a sustainability point of view is a constant drain on our already limited resources.  It comes from trees.  Trees grow slowly .  It takes time to replenish a trees cork supply.

Second, it transfers the taste of one wine to another.  Once it is submerged in, say a red wine and is moved to another bottle of white, or a Reisling, it will taint the taste of the new bottle.

And, lastly it is dang hard to put a cork back into it’s bottle!

Boy, do we have a solution for you!  Silicone bottle stoppers!

Our stoppers are hand crafted from domestic, or imported woods, or acrylic. The basic style is just that.  A wood or acrylic finial rests atop a silicone seal.  Fits most standard bottle neck sizes.

Our stainless steel stoppers are tapered with a silicone seal, fitting a wider range of bottles.

So, check them out, and get one today!

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